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The Culpeper Football Association offers Cheer for all children ages 5-13, during both the Fall and Spring seasons. Each team has girls of all ages, allowing for the participants to practice multiple positions and routines.  

During the Spring, the cheerleaders perform sideline cheer for our NFL Flag football teams. The Spring is a great time to learn the fundamentals of Cheer and prepare for the Fall Season. Each participant receives a cheer t-shirt as part of their "uniform".  During the Fall Season, the cheerleaders perform sideline cheer for the Tackle teams. Each girl receives a full uniform, and they will compete at the CFA Cheer Competition. The Fall season is more involved and includes more practice on jumps, stunts, and dances. 

Basic Information:

Games - All CFA games are held at the Culpeper Sports Complex, usually on Saturdays. However, the CFA tries to ensure every team plays 8 games and depending on weather and the overall schedule there are times that games will be played on Weekdays and/or Sundays. Weekend game times can vary but should never start before 9am or end after 9pm. Weeknight games usually start and finish between 6pm and 9pm. Additionally, if the CFA agrees to participate in games with other Leagues, it is possible there will be away games - within a 30-45 minute drive. 

Location: The CFA is fortunate to have use of the Culpeper Sports Complex, an amazing venue for youth sports. There are 3 football fields (7, 8, 9) that all have scoreboards and as of the 2022 Fall Season we also have LIGHTS. 

Practice: Practices are held in various locations. Often at the Complex or at many of the County schools.  Once the player is drafted, the coaches will reach out and provide this information. Practices start about 2 weeks prior to the start of school. Practices are limited to 2 hours. After school starts, practices will be held only twice a week. No practice will be held the day prior to the first day of school or on Sundays. Practices can be held at CFA approved sites ONLY. 

Uniform: Each cheerleader will be issued a Cheer uniform. In the Spring this includes a t-shirt, hair bow, and a set of poms. We ask that each cheerleader wear their own black athletic shorts/pants and sneakers. In the Fall season this will include a top, bottom, bloomers, hair bow, shoes, and a set of poms. At the end of each season, your coach will collect the poms and the uniform top and bottom, the other items are included in the registration fee and yours to keep.

Dress Code: No jewelry of any kind can be worn at practice or games, to include post earrings or hair wraps). Hair must be worn up at all times. Cheerleaders will NOT be allowed to stunt if hair is not up. Athletic shoes must be worn to practice. 

Draft: The CFA uses a draft to assign participants to teams. During the summer, there will be several cheer evaluation events and/or camps. All participants should tryout.  While the evaluations events are NOT required, a participant that does not attend will be a "Hat Pick" in the draft. Siblings playing in the same division will be assigned to the same team. 

Middle School: All participants that plan to try out for Middle School Cheer are welcome to register. If the participant makes the Middle School team, their registration will be refunded in full.  

Competition: The Fall Cheer Competition is usually close to the end of October. Teams will perform their routines in a random order picked by a hat draw at the October competition meeting. Routines consist of a stunt, dance, and a cheer. 

Championship Games: Teams will be invited to perform during the Football Championship games for their divisions. 

Cheer Expectations:

If a cheerleader is unable to attend a game or practice because of an illness or family emergency, they should notify the coach prior. Cheerleaders must attend practice. It is not recommended that your child participate in another sport while cheering. Cheering and performing at halftime is a team effort. If the cheerleader misses a practice before the game, the coach has the discretion to not permit the participant to perform at halftime. 

If the parent fails to report for their volunteer duty or trade with another parent, it will result in a 5-point deduction from the team's final score at the Competition. 

Cheerleaders are required to attend every game in full uniform. Failure to do so will result in sitting out the entire game. 

There will be no horseplay of any kind, talking, or laughing during stunting. This is important, otherwise Cheerleaders could get hurt and we will not risk injury. If the cheerleaders are unwilling to adhere to this rule they will not be allowed to stunt. 

Drop off no earlier than 10 minutes before practice and pick up promptly after practice. Cheerleaders must not be left at practice unless they see their coach. This is a safety issue and will be strictly enforced. No cheerleader will be allowed to leave unless a coach sees the parent leaving with their child. Cheerleaders must remain together with their coach. If a Cheerleader is to be picked up by anyone other than their own parent, you must have a note in writing prior to releasing the child. 

When practicing of cheering at a game, they are a team. Personal differences should be left at home and they should treat each other with respect and courtesy. Disrespect towards any person will not be tolerated. 

Additional rules can be found in our Bylaws

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